Nighttime Routine for Success

Using my favorite  Fré RECOVER ME  before bed

Using my favorite Fré RECOVER ME before bed

Are you a morning person? If so, we can’t be friends. Jk, jk! I still love you, but I’ll never understand you. My mind cannot make decisions first thing in the morning… I sleep hard and deep which leaves me feeling foggy most mornings. After a solid 30 minutes, I’ll be rocking and rolling, but let’s be honest the morning hustle and commute is real.

I’ve learned a few things over the years that help me feel prepared and ready as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning—which means my nighttime routine has become essential. Let’s break it down.

  1. Step away from the devices

  2. Choose your outfit for the next day and set it out

  3. Pre-pack your gym/work bag

  4. Settle in

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Logging Out + Off

Screen time is a major interrupter of good sleep. Set an evening alarm one hour before you usually go to bed, using it as a prompt to end the scrolling and begin your evening routine. I personally don’t keep my phone close to the bed. Instead, leave it charging clear across the room so when the alarm goes off in the morning, I’m required to get out of bed and cross the room—this drastically reduces the amount of snoozing I do. I have to make an active decision to crawl back into bed.

Setup the Next Day

This is a habit I’ve carried over since I was a girl. With a little extra care and time put into choosing your wardrobe can really make you feel great. Back to the morning brain fog, if I try to dress myself in the morning without a planned outfit, you can bet good money that I’m grabbing the first thing I lay my hands on without caring what it looks like, how it fits, or what the weather is like. To combat looking like a schlep on the daily, spend a few minutes at night checking in with fashion inspo on Pinterest, sneak a peek at the next day’s weather, and then curate something that both feels and looks good. Win-win! Set out your selections and go to bed knowing your morning will be less harried.

Get your $#!T together

In line with choosing an outfit, pack your work/gym bag the night before too. A quick check into the next day’s calendar goes a long way for making the morning routine easier. You can prep workout clothes along with pre-workout or protein mix if you have workouts scheduled, any snacks you might need for the day, and perhaps a make-up bag. You might also realize you have a workout first thing in the morning so that fabulous outfit you prepped can be packed along with any necessities to get ready at the gym.

Wash Up + Settle In

Spend a little extra time beyond just brushing and flossing your teeth. Find a good nighttime recovery skincare product you enjoy. Use a calming pillow spray for aromatherapy, I really love lavender which promotes relaxation allowing your body settle in. Grab a good book (I’m currently reading this one) or gratitude journal to spend the last moments before sleeping in a way that will help you drift off to a peaceful rest. If you’re sensitive to light (like me!), sleep with an eye mask to encourage a less disrupted night of sleep, especially as the sun begins to rise.

Sunrise behind the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Sunrise behind the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

All in all, a little planning goes a long way to ensuring you feel set up for success day in and day out. These four things have become crucial to ensure my morning is smooth and I can get out the door in less than 30 min each day. Do you have a nighttime routine, also? I’d love to learn from your tips too. Drop a comment below.

With love,

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