Finding Inspiration During the Chaos

Cisco Meraki Holiday Party 2018 | San Francisco City Hall, California

Cisco Meraki Holiday Party 2018 | San Francisco City Hall, California

What a week it’s been! I’m still settling back into real life after our Business of Yoga training with Candace. I’m running on all cylinders and had some massive Yoga by Paige business moves, starting with a website launch and the announcement of my first yoga retreat near Joshua Tree National Park coming up in April 2019—save the date! I have a fun local to San Francisco event coming up in January too, details will be posted soon.

During our Business of Yoga training, Candace led a Law of Attraction meditation that was truly powerful. While sitting in the airport awaiting my flight home, I was lucky enough to find a really great Law of Attraction meditation on Youtube that has helped me to remain inspired and focused during the chaos of the building out Yoga by Paige, teaching my full schedule of yoga classes, and celebrating the holiday season. Each time I listen, a different phrase or mantra stays with me throughout the day. I have endless ideas and cannot wait to have the time to put everything into action. Give the meditation a listen and tell me what you think!

One week later and I’m still buzzing with inspiration. Everything feels so right. I know the Universe is here working with me. I also thank you for being one of the first to share in the dream.

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