Tapping into Your Intuition

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The theme of my latest yoga retreat was “Tap into Intuition” and my goal was to facilitate a weekend where we had the opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of our daily lives and take a couple of days to tune in. In a fast paced life, it’s so easy to turn down the volume of our inner wisdom and begin soliciting external sources. In fact, we almost practice quieting this voice in favor of showing up in a prescribed way that our society and culture has told us is the “right” way to be. How can we cultivate this connection and tap into our inner wisdom?

Core Desired Feelings

A large part of being able to tap into our intuition is first to better understand our core desired feelings; how we want to feel on a daily basis. I’ve begun incorporating this into my morning routine and once weekly on Sunday evenings before turning in. Asking myself every morning upon rising how I want to feel, who I want to be, and most importantly how this will impact the people around me.


Second, it’s not enough to identify how we want to feel. To truly make a difference, discipline is required to spend time cultivating these core desired feelings. Similarly, it’s not enough to think yourself into a healthy body—it requires effort, mindful eating, and regular movement. Spending time with ourselves, free of distraction, will help us to connect with ourselves and those identified core desire feelings. I’ve found that a regular meditation practice is the fastest way to feel connected. To feel the pull of something higher and beyond myself has proven to be one of my most grounding practices.


Remembering that you are human lives at the heart of being connected to your intuition. The act of self-love and continually showing up for yourself, to feel whole, connected, and good will also require effort. Your efforts will be deeply rewarded. Practicing self-love in all forms lends to heart-centered living. By taking care of your heart, mind, body, and soul you will feel more whole and complete.

Choose Again

Lastly, you will inevitably become disconnected. It’s a fact of life. Traffic will be outrageous, that person at the market will take too long searching for change in their wallet, the post office line will wrap around the building and you’ll be tested. Some days you’ll fall out of our core desired feelings but that’s exactly when you get to choose again—you can remember your core desired feelings and change your approach or reaction. It’s one of the beauties of this journey.

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Thank you for allowing me to choose again and again every single week. Should you feel the call to join one of our retreats, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to learn about details and locations.

With deep love,

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