Leaning into our Dreams

Arches at  Joshua Tree  National Park, CA ; Wearing  Alo Yoga

Arches at Joshua Tree National Park, CA ; Wearing Alo Yoga

How do you know when it’s finally time to push beyond your comfort zone into your wildest dreams?

I know. I’m living and feeling it daily.

Roadblocks appear in every direction you try before you decide to put in the work of addressing fears head-on and rolling up your sleeves to make the dream work.

Your normal surroundings and usual projects will no longer light you up. It will feel like you are doing an okay job but not a great job because only you know your heart isn’t in it.

You know when your mind consistently goes toward the dream life you’re creating.

You’ll know when you are so consumed that nothing else matters.

At this crossroads, you have shed your old shell. It is time to shift, grow, and be uncomfortable. And when you go toward the pull, it is unreal. In the discomfort and growth, your path is revealed—with or without even realizing it. Your intuition will be louder than ever, and your bullshit tolerance steadily decreases.

You know your dream, your dharma; you breathe it into every room you enter and every thought you create. You know why you’re here on Earth this time and exactly what it is you have to offer. Then the most amazing thing happens. The Universe cradles your dreams and guides your path. Through the foundation you’ve laid, the Universe meets you. And suddenly the signs are everywhere. You wake up to opportunity. Your wildest dreams are delivered to you. You are still at the starting line, but these signs all point to a resounding yes, you are living your dream, and yes, your growth and grit are expected

Don’t be confused. Dreams take work, more work than you’ve imagined. But the energy and passion you have will carry you through the messy middle as you begin to realize each day that you are doing exactly what you desire and contributing to the Universe. The energy around you reaches new levels of harmony. You are in alignment.

My dream has been and will continue to deepen this practice and connect with fellow yogis. Join us?

With passion,

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