Travel Series: Glamping in Guerneville - Russian River, CA

Glamping @ Autocamp | Guerneville, CA

Glamping @ Autocamp | Guerneville, CA

Since I've had a low-key obsession with glamping ever since I first heard the term, it was high time to check it out. Then, I found a spot that was just an hour and a half from the Bay Area and the deal was sealed! This trip was a little pleasure and a little business, I took the hubs for a belated birthday getaway and to see if it would be good for future retreats. Win-win! When it comes to choosing locations for our retreats there are a few particular things I'm looking for to ensure safety and a good time, but let's be honest, I'm also choosing places that I personally want to visit, it has to be something special enough for me to want to share it with my tribe.

I figured if I'm going to lead a yoga retreat with amazing humans that I have to experience it at least once before I bring an entire group of people trusting me to curate their magical experience this fall. So, off we went to Russian River, in northern California. We stayed at a place called AutoCamp in Guerneville, CA. I have never really spent much time in this part of California, but it keeps coming up for me; I've had girlfriends who have celebrated bachelorette parties there, friends wine tasting there, and then, of course, glamping has popped up too!

Guerneville is this tiny little town, I believe the population is about 1,000, and it seems like all of the folks around know each other. There's one main drag of the entire town with charming shops and some really amazing up-and-coming restaurants. And just off of the main street there's this incredible Redwood Reserve state park that offers plenty of opportunity for more rugged camping and endless hiking. You can also find a really fantastic wine tasting in the area. What we loved most about this area is that it's so quaint, we were able to ride our bikes through town enjoying the cute shops, restaurants, and bars.

During our stay, we took advantage of the free bike rentals to ride all the way up to the river where we decided to bask in the sunshine and watch the paddle boaters float on by. Then on our way home from the river, we stopped at this fabulous little bar called El Barrio. This Mexican inspired restaurant has an adorable patio area in the back where we sat and continue to enjoy the sunshine and had some of the most incredible Mezcal drinks I've ever had. It was warm and quiet and peaceful, and it felt as if all was right in the world. We didn't get a chance to check out their food because we had planned on making our own dinner back at camp, but the next time we're here, I will definitely be stopping by for food as well. As we were heading home from El Barrio, we spotted this adorable really darling, ice cream shop, Nimble & Finn’s, which we immediately mades plans to return the next day. Not only did they have homemade ice cream, but they had these pies that look like they were to die for.

Armstrong Redwoods  State Natural Reserve

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

On our second day, we decided to enjoy a solid hike all through the Redwood Reserve. It was a little bit of a drive to get to where we were deep in the reserve, think one-lane windy roads but it was so worth it because we had the whole park to ourselves. We saw tons of nature, including bullfrogs, dragonflies, deer, and we even saw a coyote. Our 8-mile hike gave us a run for our money with plenty of elevation change and endless views. I'm really looking forward to coming back to Guerneville so that we can actually camp inside the reserve. Of course, after our hike earning us our dessert, we stopped at Nimble & Finn's on our way back to camp. I enjoyed the best affogato with toffee ice cream—take me back! And since we were there we decided to grab a slice of pie to go so we could enjoy later on by the fire back at camp. YOLO, right? This pie, you guys, was the best pie. I highly recommend it if you are ever in Guerneville, treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

We rode our sugar highs through a quick shower and change before heading back into town for a fabulous dinner at Boon. Boon is one of the nicest restaurants in Guerneville, and the food was incredible. I didn't really have any expectations going in, but the food and service both far surpassed everything I could have asked for. The decor was absolutely adorable with the cutest dog wallpaper. I hear that they also have a property where you can stay just up the road, the next time we come to Russian River I might want to give it a try too. 

Though our stay was short but sweet, we were able to enjoy all that AutoCamp and Guerneville has to offer; from the blissful sound of the river rushing by as we relaxed on the hammocks to the welcome cheese platter enjoyed at their enormous outdoor fire pit. We capped off each night by bundling up in our cozy white bathrobes before taking our time in the luxury showers available all hours of the day and then snuggling into a warm bed (by electric blankets) in our tent with nothing but the sounds of nature.

Don’t be surprised if I announce a retreat here in the future, it was all so dreamy! And if you can’t wait to experience glamping until then, book my upcoming Coastal Glamping Yoga Retreat in Mendocino!

Have you been to Guerneville? I’d love to hear your tips and places to checkout.

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