Let's Talk Sports Bras

What’s your favorite sports bra brand?

What’s your favorite sports bra brand?

It's pretty safe to say that I own a few sports bras. Between teaching yoga seven days a week and also working out 3 to 6 times a week, I wear a lot of athletic gear. So when it comes to keeping the girls protected and secured I know a thing or two. I'm sharing a few of my favorite sports bra brands and why. I also share thoughts on material type, coverage support, and activity intensity, and would love to hear you chime in on brands that work for you and what you continue reaching for out of your workout drawer.

Alo Yoga - Sunny Strappy Bra

I think I own this bra in at least five colors. I love love love the Sunny Strappy Bra because it provides just the right amount of support while still looking delicate. I wear this bra to a variety work out classes, including Boot Camps, jogging and running, pilates, and of course in yoga as well. I will admit that I'm a little bit on the smaller side in terms of being endowed, but this is definitely is a sports bra that I reach for again and again. I suggest sizing down for Alo sports bras as I typically wear a 4 in Lululemon but rock an XS in all my Alo tops.

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Lululemon - Energy Bra

If I'm not in the Sunny Strappy bra, you can usually find me in this Energy Bra from Lululemon. I super duper love this one for high impact activities, it keeps the girls nice and secure, and I never have to worry about any slippage. I find myself reaching for this sports bra when I know I'm going for a vigorous workout, think HIIT, sprints, etc. It also provides a nice feminine touch with the strappy design. They've made an extended version if you prefer the crop top look and a high-neck version too. Overall, I'd rank this bra as best full coverage and for women of all sizes.

Nike - Victory Compression Bra

I love these compression sports bras from Nike, particularly when it's closer to that time of the month. With more swelling, I find that I want total coverage without movement of any kind. I enjoy some pretty intense workouts as it gets closer to my cycle to help beat off some of the mood swings and allieviate cramps that may arise. This bra helps me feel like I am secure and like I can do basically anything without too much jiggle. They might not be the prettiest bras on the block, but they're called a classic for a reason. The price ain’t too shabby either. This bra gets it done!

Gymshark - Vital Seamless Bra

I'll be honest, I reach for my Gym Shark sports bras mostly when I want to feel like a whoa-man! These bras come with some seriously stacked padded removable cups that are inside the bra. Every now and then you might want to feel extra lifted and supported, if that's you, give this bra a try. I do love the support that the seamless bras have as well and will probably keep going back to them because they stay in place and are great for wicking after intense workouts. Admittedly, I sometimes feel silly if I leave in the cups. If you don't like the extra support, all you have to do is remove them. What I really love about Gym Shark is their price point and consistently rotating stock options, so when you see a fresh color scoop it up because it might sell out. All of their bras have stood the test of both lower and higher intensity classes. I usually wear a small in most of their gear.

Beyond Yoga

I have a couple of different styles of sports bra from Beyond Yoga and really love these because they are so soft, you can pretty much wear their bras all day without any pinching or squishing. I usually reach for my Beyond Yoga sports bras when I am going to a more gentle yoga class or pilates where the impact is much lower. I find that because the material is so soft, it doesn't compress quite as much as I would like if I were to be in a high-intensity class or if I were running. So these bras are super fantastic for all types of yoga you might be into, and they offer beautiful designs so that you can spice up your wardrobe gear. Let's be honest, workouts are always better when your athleisure wear looks good too!

Please share your favorites below in the comments too! I’m forever on the hunt for great workout gear.

xo, Paige

P.S. This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own and all products mentioned have been purchased with my own money. If any companies want to work with me, shoot your girl an email at yogabypaige@gmail.com.

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