Transitioning to Fall

September has always been a period of reflection for me. It's the closing down of summer as we transition into fall, and of course, my birthday is in September. This year I feel particularly reflective because I have a milestone birthday coming up this week. I'll be 35 and, as you know, have made some significant changes this year.

Throughout my entire life, I have felt that when my birthday comes along, that the year is nearly over. We start with my birthday, then it's Halloween, and before you know it we're swept up into all of the activities the holidays bring; seeing family and friends, end-of-year celebrations, and new beginnings. As a result, September has always been where I set my goals and intentions, a time when I look back on the past year reviewing successes and learnings.

I also really love September, because it feels like the busyness of summer begins to settle down, bringing an opportunity to reconnect with myself and to prepare for another incredible year of possibility. This particular September feels extra special. The business side of Yoga by Paige (YBP) is ever-growing, and we have several events in September. Maybe I'll even get to see you at one of them?

I choose to be intentional with my days in September, offering myself quiet moments of self-love. I spend more time alone. I crave the company of books. I allow myself to dream the wildest of dreams. It’s these reflection times that remind me just how good life can be. My hope is to infuse this sentiment into my teaching and events this month. We’ll focus on gratitude and listening to our intuition. We’ll allow ourselves to feel grounded and more connected with our inner wisdom than ever before. I like to think of the transition to fall as a time to rebuild our foundations.

My heart is so full of human connection, self-love, and the energy we create together. I know it sounds cheesy, but I can't help tear up when I think about this life I have created. I am beyond grateful for the YBP team: the YBP teachers and assistants, my husband, Justin, who continually supports my wildest dreams, my family that always catches me if I falter, and, of course, I am grateful for you. I wouldn't be able to host these events or create experiences if it wasn't for you choosing to show up. I hope you know that from the bottom of my heart I will never, ever take that for granted.

So what does year 35 hold for Paige Galster? I don't know if we can ever really know what a year will hold for us, but my hope is that there will be so much more work, personal development and growth, pushing beyond my comfort zone, deeper connections, more learning, and so much potential.

September, thank you.

With deep love,


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