Practice: Cultivating the Deeper Core

YouTube Cultivating the Deeper Core

As part of the ongoing evolution and growth of Yoga by Paige as a business, I invested in a proper camcorder which is both is exciting and fun! I was so looking forward to filming longer yoga sequences without having to do a ton of running back-and-forth between my mat and the camera to restart my DSLR, only hoping that I was in the same spot to pick up where I left off. Shoot, I didn’t even realize half the time if the camera shut off. So to have a camcorder with AC power and 200 minutes of continuous filming is a dream. I was so excited to film this weekend that I got in two days worth of recording just to put this little guy to use.

The result? My first ever full-length (40ish minutes) yoga flow! We work on cultivating a deeper connection to our core muscles, allowing for our movement to stem from the power house of our torso. Be sure to stick around for the svasana included at the end, it’s a novelty!

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