Leaning into our Dreams

Arches at  Joshua Tree  National Park, CA ; Wearing  Alo Yoga

Arches at Joshua Tree National Park, CA ; Wearing Alo Yoga

How do you know when it’s finally time to push beyond your comfort zone into your wildest dreams?

I know. I’m living and feeling it daily.

Roadblocks appear in every direction you try before you decide to put in the work of addressing fears head-on and rolling up your sleeves to make the dream work.

Your normal surroundings and usual projects will no longer light you up. It will feel like you are doing an okay job but not a great job because only you know your heart isn’t in it.

You know when your mind consistently goes toward the dream life you’re creating.

You’ll know when you are so consumed that nothing else matters.

At this crossroads, you have shed your old shell. It is time to shift, grow, and be uncomfortable. And when you go toward the pull, it is unreal. In the discomfort and growth, your path is revealed—with or without even realizing it. Your intuition will be louder than ever, and your bullshit tolerance steadily decreases.

You know your dream, your dharma; you breathe it into every room you enter and every thought you create. You know why you’re here on Earth this time and exactly what it is you have to offer. Then the most amazing thing happens. The Universe cradles your dreams and guides your path. Through the foundation you’ve laid, the Universe meets you. And suddenly the signs are everywhere. You wake up to opportunity. Your wildest dreams are delivered to you. You are still at the starting line, but these signs all point to a resounding yes, you are living your dream, and yes, your growth and grit are expected

Don’t be confused. Dreams take work, more work than you’ve imagined. But the energy and passion you have will carry you through the messy middle as you begin to realize each day that you are doing exactly what you desire and contributing to the Universe. The energy around you reaches new levels of harmony. You are in alignment.

My dream has been and will continue to deepen this practice and connect with fellow yogis. Join us?

With passion,

Elevating Self-Care to Self-Compassion

Yoga by Paige in Joshua Tree, California | Wearing:  Alo Yoga

Yoga by Paige in Joshua Tree, California | Wearing: Alo Yoga

As you may know, I teach several classes during the week while balancing a full-time day job. Sometimes things get a little crazy maintaining such a full schedule. I definitely don’t have time for anything to go wrong or to be sick. I feel very accountable to many people whether it’s at the yoga studio, in meetings, and most definitely toward my husband and pup.

This week just so happens to be one of those weeks where the pressure is building, I’ll be running our annual Sales Kick-Off meeting in Phoenix in just another week, which means I’m running on all cylinders, more so than usual. I’ve been craving alone time (that’s my introversion showing) and quiet. Ironically, when I’m so busy and doing more than ever, I begin to feel isolated and very, very alone. I’ve learned that when I’m moving too fast or have taken on too much that I’m not as present and connected as I want to be. My meditation practice has helped me to stay grounded, but there’s still this small voice in the back of my head urging that I can do more (and should be doing more).

Then the Universe steps in, several interesting things happened in my last classes this week—reminding me to chill out, do the work, and simply show up.

Self-Compassion is Strong

One of my students shared a very personal incident that has filled her with significant grief and hurt—yet I was struck by her strength to continue showing up for herself, making the time to listen to her body and connect. She is allowing herself to be completely immersed in her feelings rather than stuffing them down or numbing her experience. She allowed me to hold space for her, to support her, and to love her when she needs it most. Her self-compassion is helping her grieve and accept the love she needs at the hardest of times.

It’s okay to share our weaknesses

I witnessed three freeway accidents in a 20-min drive while on my way to teach a back-to-back class in another city. A huge reality check that driving while in a hurry is definitely not worth saving a few extra minutes to be “on time.” I ended up showing up three minutes late and having to be honest with the students waiting. We made a deal that if I’m a couple minutes late—it’ll be alright. I will still show up and they will too. What a relief to be open about the situation and have my students meet me where I needed them. As teachers, there is this unspoken rule that we are there for our students and we need to check our stuff at the door, which I most definitely agree with. But the support I received back this weekend was beyond my wildest expectations.

Trust the Practice

All of the students in one of my classes spoke English as a second or third language—talk about barriers! I had to adjust the flow I intended on teaching, needed to pay closer attention to their body language, and physically do more of the class allowing my students to follow along. Afterward, even though I had a harder time reading the room, each of these ladies was beaming. It was a huge reminder to trust the yoga. Our practice doesn’t have to include fancy transitions and advanced asana to facilitate the mind-body connection. Our yoga practice is potent and provides exactly what we need every time we step onto the mat.

Compassion is something that I believe is so much easier to extend to those around us. But if I’ve learned anything through these lessons it’s that just like self-care, compassion actually begins with ourselves. Take it easy on yourself, do your best, and trust.

xo, Paige

Self-care: Is it Important?

Yoga by Paige self-care

A few years back, I found myself at a really low point. You see, depression runs in my family and, it wasn’t the first time I was in despair but this time felt lower than most. I literally felt like I was spiraling out of control just waiting to hit bottom. Words aren’t enough to describe that feeling of seeking your lowest point. I found myself withdrawing, unable to connect with my friends and family, and ultimately like I was more of a burden to the people in my circle. Suffice it to say, my mental health was in a bad way.

I’m eternally grateful for my clinical social worker (whom I met with weekly in the darkest days) and the good people in my life for holding space, sitting in silence, giving up nights and weekends to ensure I made it through another day. In the thick of things, I knew I needed to create healthier habits and cultivate tools that would allow me to not only live but thrive. Insert my journey toward self-love and truly beginning to understand self-care; both of which have become trendy hashtags but I genuinely credit some of these activities as transformative.

Gratitude Journal

One of my close friends and confidants recommended starting a gratitude journal which I initially brushed off as hokey and a waste of time. She encouraged it for weeks until I finally gave in. The goal was to write down three things each night before going to bed, it had to be something different for each entry—no repeats. A small task with a powerful impact. Admittedly, in those initial days, I struggled to find things that I was grateful for so I started small: a bed to sleep in, warm water to shower with, a quiet moment connecting with a friend. Eventually, I began looking for moments of gratitude that I would be able to capture and write down in my journal. I did this nearly every day for months until my sense of gratitude was so overwhelming that it became integrated with my being.

Whats bring you joy?

After recognizing all that I am thankful for, I needed some serious work on my self-love. For too long I walked through life full of self-loathing, reacting to life. I had never taken the time to recognize my worth or to tune inward. I allowed busyness to keep me distracted, as a result, I was utterly disconnected from my inner voice. To begin, I created a list of 31 things that bring me joy: a long hot bath, an afternoon of reading, a pedicure, attending a yoga class (just as s student and not a teacher), a long quiet walk alone around the lake, a meditation cushion, catching a solo chick flick at the movie theater, etc. You get the idea—my list included things to do solely for the sake of enjoying time by myself. Then, each day, I chose one thing to do for myself—for only me. At the end of the month, the connection I made with myself allowed for my intuition to become louder. Between the gratitude practice and the month of dedicated self-love, I found Paige.


Meditation was the last layer that I incorporated into my self-care practices. I dabbled with meditation via yoga classes and trainings but never had the discipline to carve out the time regularly. I used (and still do!) the Headspace app for guided meditations, mainly as I was working through the layers of loving myself and shifting perspective. Meditation can be powerful in cultivating the connection with our deepest desires, what we know to be true within our intuition, and a guide to continual growth.

The connection and love affair we have with ourselves is our most powerful. The way we fuel our minds radiates out to our environment and community. So the answer is yes, a resounding absolute YES. Self-care is the utmost importance. If you’re looking to connect, or even re-connect, with yourself consider our upcoming Spring Renewal retreat in April. We’ll be retreating to Joshua Tree to explore our inner most possibility.

With deep love,


Finding Inspiration During the Chaos

Cisco Meraki Holiday Party 2018 | San Francisco City Hall, California

Cisco Meraki Holiday Party 2018 | San Francisco City Hall, California

What a week it’s been! I’m still settling back into real life after our Business of Yoga training with Candace. I’m running on all cylinders and had some massive Yoga by Paige business moves, starting with a website launch and the announcement of my first yoga retreat near Joshua Tree National Park coming up in April 2019—save the date! I have a fun local to San Francisco event coming up in January too, details will be posted soon.

During our Business of Yoga training, Candace led a Law of Attraction meditation that was truly powerful. While sitting in the airport awaiting my flight home, I was lucky enough to find a really great Law of Attraction meditation on Youtube that has helped me to remain inspired and focused during the chaos of the building out Yoga by Paige, teaching my full schedule of yoga classes, and celebrating the holiday season. Each time I listen, a different phrase or mantra stays with me throughout the day. I have endless ideas and cannot wait to have the time to put everything into action. Give the meditation a listen and tell me what you think!

One week later and I’m still buzzing with inspiration. Everything feels so right. I know the Universe is here working with me. I also thank you for being one of the first to share in the dream.

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