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My love for podcasts has grown exponentially in the last couple of years—so much so, that my Monday ritual has included going to the gym, hopping on whichever cardio machine I’m feeling that day, and catching up on all the newly released podcasts. Some I listen to purely for fun and curiosity, others to continue my yoga education, and also for business growth and development. I think what I love most about podcasts is that they can be consumed just about anywhere: flying, walking, at the gym, between classes, there’s very little limit or friction to connecting and growing.

In no particular order, I present you my go-to weekly podcasts. I welcome you to share yours and why you love it or them so much!

Yogaland by Andrea Feretti

I turn to this podcast to feel really connected to the yoga community on a broader scale. I love that Andrea has guests on that speak about their areas of expertise, asking tough questions and working their way through complicated answers. When Jason Crandall makes an appearance, I learn a ton through his years of experience as a yoga teacher.

Goddess Ceremony by Cassandra Wilder

Cassandra has such a wealth of knowledge as a yoga teacher and naturopathic doctor. She also leads wildly successful yoga retreats designed for women, aimed at facilitating the connection to our bodies and understanding the incredible power we hold.

Women at Work by HBR

You want sane female, and sometimes, male perspective on being a woman with a career. This is your podcast. It’s refreshing to hear these women discuss topics that can sometimes feel taboo or like you’re alone. Tune in to feel connected and to learn great tips for navigating the, sometimes, dicey corporate landscape.

Namaslay by Candace Moore

Candance always keeps it real and fresh. She beats to the rhythm of her own drum and has the experience to back it up. If you’re building a business in the yoga industry, her podcast is a must listen. You’ll learn the trials and tribulations of running a business business from retreats to workshops, learning new teaching techniques, how to build strength in the body (even outside of yoga), and so much more! Her quick podcasts are also perfect if you’re short on time!

From the Heart by Rachel Brathen

Rachel is well known at the YogaGirl on IG and has this uncanny ability to both share her personal experiences and lead strong practices while filling huge rooms of yoga students. She’s a rare gem and does her best to recognize the influence she has on the industry. Listening to her podcast sometimes feels like sitting down with one of your closest friends while she spills her deepest hopes and fears and then the next week you’ll hear from wellness experts. It’s a great blend of lifting the lid on unknown areas and deeply connecting us as humans.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary tells it how it is. If you need a kick in the pants, Gary V will gladly give it to you while also pointing you in the right direction. He doesn’t share anything so overly profound but it’s exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time, always. As a small business owner in build mode, Gary is like having a business mentor you can call on at anytime.

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